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Letter from our President and CEO


What drives Links Warehousing & Fulfillment?

"We really get a thrill being part of a successful supply chain and having an important part to play in the positive growth of our customers' success and their growth in Canada. We stand behind our team, each of whom have been carefully selected to perform the various functions that are the sum total of our customized outsourced services for you. We are a happy and functional family that shows on every level, and is personified by our clients trust in Links. Links cares about what we and who we work for and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to earn your company's business. We offer you The Canadian Distribution Advantage



Kevin Brown

Jonathan Krost

Who are we?



About Us

Links Warehousing & Fulfillment was established in 1999 in Toronto, Canada and is managed by a high caliber of experienced professionals who are available as part of your team to lend their experience and expertise.

We offer a superior experience for you and your customers and assist your business to attain a competitive advantage. We will become a seamless link between you and your customers ensuring that your products are always delivered accurately, economically and on time.

Links is a full service provider of warehousing, pick and pack, fulfillment and shipping services in Canada.  We are an outsourced solution provider to our clients who do not have but require a Canadian warehouse to act as a central distribution centre for its inventory.  Links provides our clientele every service in the area of supply chain managed solutions from the factory floor to the customer’s door.

We specialise in small & expensive goods requiring special handling and security. We have many years of experience in the warehousing and fulfillment of premium brands, fragrances and cosmetics.

We take pride in our warehouses being exceptionally clean and are Health Canada Certified as well as being a Food Grade Audited Facility.

Links Warehousing & Fulfillment affords our customers the freedom needed to take care of their customers by: 

  • Leaving your operational requirements to experienced warehousing professionals
  • No more payroll, workforce supervision, training, OHS requirements and administration
  • You will never be over-staffed or short-staffed
  • You will only pay for the warehouse space that you use
  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs
  • Increase speed to market and reduce risk

See what our customers have to say about us on our testimonials page.


Welcome to Links Warehousing & Fulfillment

Links Warehousing & Fulfillment is a Toronto, Canada based third party logisics (3PL) warehousing company that specialises in warehousing and order fulfillment to the mass retailers, independents and directly to the consumer across Canada. We provide a complete logistics solution from the factory floor to the customer’s door.
The experienced professionals at Links will take care of all of your needs from warehousing and receiving of goods to pick/pack and project work, customs clearing, order fulfillment, brokerage, freight and all of your other supply-chain functions so you can focus on product development and sales. What we offer you is The Canadian Distribution Advantage™