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From the factory floor to the customer door


Shipping and Logistics Services


Links Warehousing & Fulfillment provides a complete shipping and logistics solution from the factory floor to the customer door. We have a dedicated team exclusively working with our partners to ensure the highest quality level of service and best pricing. We are meeting with our partners regularly and building best practices to move your goods faster and cheaper. The benefits are passed on to you. It's like having your own team making sure that every shipment is handled in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Increase your Canadian sales with local shipping and by taking advantage of Links Warehousing & Fulfillment’s buying power, carrier relationships and shipping expertise.

Today where shipping represents the largest cost in getting your products to your customers, this has become extremely significant for any marketer and will also get your products into the hands of your Canadian customers faster and without the delays caused by customs clearance and unexpected charges for duty and taxes. Links will ship your orders cost-effectively to best correspond with your time-in-transit requirements, and  have the flexibility to ship bulk quantities to the big box stores and independents as well as small packages direct to the consumer and all at the most competitive rates. We can even facilitate drop-shipping programs for you.

We can manage your cross-border shipments and take care of customs clearance and duties on your behalf.

Our strategic Toronto location will provide you with a distinct cost advantage due to our close proximity to the main depots of all the large carriers as well as the Toronto freeway system and airport.

It's all part of The Canadian Distribution Advantage™

Links proudly ships with:

Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses Canada Post Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses Canpar Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses FedEx Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses DHL Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses Nationex Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses UPS Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses Purolator Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses Speedy Transport Links Warehousing & Fulfillment uses Sure Track Courier